• New World Cup flag pattern massage pet harness——Model

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    New World Cup flag pattern massage pet harness——Model

    QQPETS has been very popular since the new World Cup massage flag pattern pet harness on line, 

    from the United States, Beijing, Europe, and then to Guangzhou, has received the praise of the majority of customers! !

    Let your love pet bring our new massage flag pattern pet harness, run freely on the beach, on the grass! !

    Here is a big of our latest photo!

    Brazil flag pattern:

    Spanish flag pattern:

    German flag pattern:

    French flag pattern:

    American flag pattern:

    British flag pattern:

    How about it? Are all these pets full of energy? While admiring the beautiful photos, everyone can also choose an exclusive massage harness for your favorite pets! 

    The opportunity is only once, and it will not be missed!

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    Welcome to order!

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