• QQPETS trademark registration in the United States is successful!

    2018.03.09Company NewsViews:56

    1. A trademark is a sign of a company, and it can also be said to be a form of corporate culture. Represents the image of a company. The protection of trademarks can protect your corporate reputation and corporate image.

    2. Your trademark is also your exclusive right to use. Protected by intellectual property law. You sign up for a trademark and you buy a trademark to spend some money. Protecting your own trademarks from use by others is also protecting your own property.

    3, the establishment of each famous brand, the trademark has become an appreciation of goods. When your company becomes a big company, your trademark is also appreciated. This is the expected value of the trademark.

    In the past year of 2017, due to the trademark issue, some complaints were caused. Now we no longer have to fear the issue of trademark complaints! January 30, 2018 QQPETS trademark officially registered in the United States!

    Guangzhou Qianqian Ribbon Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will continue to bring you more new products, we are looking forward to! ! !

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